Use the tabbed menu below to access the Washington County permit applications that are available. For home improvement permits, or on private property, please contact the city or township in which you reside. For septic systems, please contact the Department of Public Health & Environment.

  1. Access Permit
  2. Right of Way Permit
  3. Transportation Permit - Oversized Vehicles
  4. Regional Rail Access
  5. Regional Rail Right of Way
  6. Weed Control/No Mowing Agreement
  7. Gopher State One Call

An Access Permit is required for any new driveway, field entrance, street or commercial access on a Washington County road or for a change in use of an existing access. 

Please allow two weeks for processing.

Access Permit Fees
Residential Driveway or Field Entrance$150
Commercial Access$500
Street Access$500
Temporary Access$150

In addition to the applicable fee, a refundable deposit is required, based on the scope of work.


  • A culvert pipe is generally required unless curb is present
  • The permit holder is required to provide a pipe that meets County standards

Plan Submission

  • Access Permit Application 
  • When applying for an Access Permit, please include a drawing of the site
  • For a simple driveway, a line drawing is sufficient
  • For a commercial access, the County will need to review the plans for the development and may require a traffic study
  • Generally, if access is available from a local street, the County will NOT permit direct access to the County Road