Community Services

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Mission Statement 

Individuals and families will be safe, independent, and able to meet their basic needs.

Community Services works in partnership with public and private agencies to help individuals and families be safe and successful. The department provides a wide array of services to eligible citizens. 

Individuals and families who need assistance with any of the following problems are encouraged to contact the department:

  • Adoption
  • Aging
  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Child care
  • Child support
  • Chemical dependency
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Elderly abuse or neglect
  • Employment assistance
  • Financial assistance
  • Medical assistance
  • Mental health
  • Veterans Services

The Community Services Department also is responsible for licensing family child care homes as well as foster homes for children and adults.



  • Children and adults who are vulnerable, disabled, mentally ill, or chemically dependent will be safe and healthy.
  • Veterans, job seekers, and other eligible persons will receive the support needed to remain or become self-sufficient.
  • Timely, respectful, and cost-efficient services will be delivered to all customers.
  • Culturally responsive environments will be fostered to promote diversity and inclusion for all people.
Disclaimer Note: The information contained in the following material is subject to change without notice. The content has been reviewed, but should in no way be interpreted as creating a legal or otherwise basis for the provision of a specific service to a specific family situation.