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Mission Statement

The mission of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is to work in partnership with the community to provide quality public safety services in a reasonable manner through innovation, leadership, and the cooperation of dedicated people.

September is National Preparedness Month

Each week during the month of September, Washington County Emergency Management will highlight topics surrounding emergency preparedness. This year's theme is “Take Control in 1, 2, 3” and focuses on helping older adults prepare for the next disaster.

Senior adult male sits in a wheelchair typing on a computer for National Preparedness Month

  1. Build an Emergency Kit

Build an Emergency Kit

The most common hazards to affect the region are winter storms, tornadoes, thunderstorms and hail, power outages, flooding, extreme heat, and novel pandemics. Keep these in mind when thinking about emergency situations you may experience. Your response to each hazard may be different, but you can prepare for each by creating an emergency kit, having extra food and water in your home – including extra food and water for pets, and having an emergency plan. Consider these tips to get started:

  1. Download an emergency kit checklist: Build A Kit | Ready.gov
    • Tailor the kit to fit your needs.
    • Create a list of current medications and prescriptions, make copies of insurance cards, personal identification, and important documents, and store them all in your emergency bag.
    • Assess your needs:
      • Do some of your medications need refrigeration?
      • Do you have any medical devices that require power?
      • Do you rely on mobility or assistive devices?
      • Would you need to arrange transportation if you had to leave your house?
      • Do you have pets to plan for?
  2. Engage your support network:
    • Reach out to family, friends, and neighbors to talk about emergency plans.
    • Share your emergency plans with a family member or friend in another region who would not be impacted by the same disaster and who would be able to help you.
    • Make sure a family member or friend has an extra key to your home and knows where you keep your emergency kit.
  3. Sign up for emergency alerts with Code Red.


  1. Safeguard Critical and Vital Documents
  1. Understand the Difference Between a "Watch" and a "Warning"
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Recent Updates from the Sheriff's Office

New online system to request records

The Sheriff's Office Records Unit is excited to announce it has launched a one-stop shop for all record requests. Residents, media, lawyers, etc., can now request reports, records and digital media online

Note: Agreeing the online system may result in a convenience fee charged by the software company. If you choose not to use the online system, you may submit your request in person at the Sheriff's Office.