Adult Services

Probation Supervision – Probation is a promise to make things right, in exchange for staying in the community.

Diversion – Allows lower level offenders to avoid court convictions by completing a set of conditions.

Sentence to Service (STS) – STS is a jail alternative work program for lower risk offenders.

Fees– Offenders are required to offset the cost of services by paying fees. For questions on fees or to pay a fee call 651-430-6932.


  • Decision Points - A cognitive-based program that develops cognitive skills and uses cognitive restructuring to bring awareness to the "traps" or offending behavior that can place participants into the "Trouble Cycle". 
  • Moving On - A program, designed exclusively for female offenders which utilizes a combination of methods and strategies including Solution-Focused Intervention, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, and Cognitive-Behavior Skills Training to help them develop the skills necessary to choose alternatives to criminal activity.
  • Thinking For A Change - A program where participants learn problem-solving skills in a structured format and are encouraged and empowered to participate in their own learning and self-development.