Washington County Budget

2024 Proposed Budget

2024 Washington County Proposed Budget Presentation (PDF)

Previous Budget Documents

20232023 Budget in Brief
2023 Operating and Capital Budget
2023 Demographics At-A-Glance (PDF)
20222022 Washington County Adopted Budget
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2022 Demographics At-A-Glance (PDF)
2022 Combined Mandates & Core Functions (PDF)
 20212021 Washington County Adopted Budget (PDF)
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 20202020 Washington County Adopted Budget (PDF)
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 20192019 Washington County Adopted Budget (PDF)
2019 Budget in Brief (PDF)
2019 Demographics At-A-Glance (PDF)
2019 Inventory of County Mandates and Core Functions (PDF)

Summary Budget Data

The Summary Budget Data (PDF) provides a four-year overview of the county’s budget history. It represents:

  • Two years of actual expenditures. 
  • The current year’s budget.
  • And the next year’s budget. 

Washington County’s budget provides funding for high quality core services and programs, and infrastructure (such as public buildings, parks, and road reconstruction).

County services and programs are made possible through the leadership of the Washington County Board of Commissioners and county staff working together to provide quality public services in a cost-effective manner through innovation, leadership, and the cooperation of dedicated people.

Budget Policies