Emergency Housing Services Building

Accommodation and housing for residents experiencing homelessness

All people in Washington County deserve a safe and dignified place to live. Because emergency housing is important for building a caring community, Washington County is pleased to share that they will soon have a new Emergency Housing Services Building (EHSB) on the Government Center campus in Stillwater.

Support community members

As the cost of housing goes up, more people don't have a stable place to live. Washington County is dealing with the challenge of providing emergency housing to address the growing homelessness crisis. Without sufficient emergency housing, people become more vulnerable and their quality of life suffers.

Please take some time to watch this video of our neighbors sharing their lived experiences with homelessness to understand the true mission of this project.

Designing the Emergency Housing Building

Emergency Housing MapThe Washington County Emergency Housing building is being thoughtfully designed with the needs of the residents in mind.

The building will be located on the Stillwater Government Campus where it will be centrally-located in the county and close to services needed by the residents, helping them get back on their feet and on the path toward permanent housing.

The 2-story building will include 30 units.

The average length of stay is estimated to be 60-90 days, with mandatory background checks and initial eligibility, and ongoing requirements needing to be met and maintained for residence.

It will be designed to support individuals with disabilities and accessibility needs. Residents can choose to stay with a partner in designated units, and pets (within guidelines) will be allowed as well.

Building details

  • 30 private rooms and bathrooms (four on the first floors, and 26 on the second floor).
  • Professionally staffed 24/7 (by contacted service provider).
  • On-site computer lab to aid in job search/development.
  • Commercial kitchen and large shared dining area (meals and snacks provided on-site).
  • Storage space.
  • On-site parking.
  • ADA accessibility.

First Floor - EHSB

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