Spring Market in the Ravine

Spring Market in the Ravine

Saturday, April 15

Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park - Ravine Landing

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Get ready for spring with a day in the Ravine!

Come to the new Ravine Landing to browse a curated selection of handcrafted items in our Multipurpose Room, warm yourself with a hot drink including hot chocolate, instant coffee, and a selection of teas or a cold lemonade, trade your plants at our plant-swap in our outdoor space, and enjoy a hot lunch from Pete's Fresh Cut Potato Blossoms after taking a stroll in the woods of the Cottage Grove Ravine Regional Park.

We have Get the Lead Out kits available at the front desk to get ready for fishing opener, along with park merchandise and gift cards.

Outdoor activities will run from 10 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

This is a free event with vehicle permit ($7/ daily & $30/ annual) and a suggested donation of $3 per person.

If severe weather conditions are present, this event will be cancelled.


Plant Swap (Houseplants Only)

Have extra houseplants that could bring others joy? Bring your plants and cuttings to the Cottage Grove Ravine Plant Swap. Trade old for new at this free event (think clothing swap but with plants).

Please bring small, manageable cuttings, propagates, or small-medium plants that can easily be moved, handled, and displayed in an attractive way. As a general guideline, try to stick to anything that you can hold comfortably with one hand.

In terms of presentation, put some thought into grooming your plants before the event. Trim dead leaves and roots, wash and dust leaves, remove wilting blooms, and generally groom your plants like they're going in for a job interview. Because in a way, they are.

Disease, mold, and insect free plants only.  

Feel free to have a bag ready to protect your plant in case of cooler temps.

Identification cards will be provided for you to put down the plant’s name and care instructions as best you know them. If you don’t know, just put that down. 

Due to the current prevalence of jumping worms, we are not allowing any plants from an outdoor garden and please do not bring any soil from your garden into the park to help prevent the spread of these worms.