Sheriff's Office Policies

The Washington County Sheriff's Office policies are made available to the public as required by the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training Board.

At the Washington County Sheriff's Office, wearing a uniform and a badge represents public trust and dedication to service. We uphold professionalism and integrity in our conduct and interactions with the community. We value your feedback on our efforts to assist community members.

Training Requirements for Peace Officer

Every year, active peace officers and part-time peace officers are required to complete specific trainings. Training records are maintained by the employing agency. The MN POST Board specifies the learning objectives for the trainings.

Use of Force Training

  • Requirement: once per year.
  • MN POST Board learning objective: Crisis intervention and mental illness crises. 
  • This training must follow Washington County's use of force policy. 

Emergency Vehicle Operations and Conduct of Police Pursuit

  • Requirement: once every five years.
  • All officers not declared exempt on the Police Pursuit Training Exemption Form must complete this training.
  • Must complete an eight-hour course in emergency vehicle operations.
  • MN POST Board learning objective: Conflict and management mediation.
  • This training must follow Washington County Sheriff's Office pursuit policy.

Learning Objectives

Minnesota statute requires officers complete at least a cumulative 16 hours of continuing education in: 

  1. Crisis intervention and mental illness crises.
  2. Conflict management and mediation.
  3. Recognizing and valuing community diversity and cultural differences to include implicit bias.