Water Surface Use Permit Application

Please review general requirements and instructions for summer events and winter events. For more information on these forms and applications, visit our Water, Parks, & Trails Unit Page

Application for Water Surface Use Permit


  1. 1. Instructions
  2. 2. Permit Requirements for Water Surface Use With Structure - Acknowledgment Required
  3. 3. General Requirements for an Open Water Event (MS 86B.121)
  4. 4. General Requirements for a Winter Event Held on the Ice
  5. 5. Temporary Structure Permit Regulations for Slalom Courses
  6. 6. Application
  7. 7. Event Information
  8. 8. Applicant Information
  9. 9. Sign and Submit
  • Instructions


    2. Please complete this application for all requested water surface use in Washington County. Select the type of use and indicate if prior city approval is required* based on the type of event/application.

      Applicant is required to review all requirements and regulations.

      Water Surface Use, No Structure: For a contest, race, regatta, or other event on or in the waters of this county.

      Water Surface Use, Structure: To place a raft, buoy, or other structure on or in the waters of this county pursuant to MN Rules 6110.1800. This includes slalom courses, ski jumps, and snowmobile races.

      All applications must be received by the Sheriff’s Office at least two weeks prior to the event.

      All insurance certificates must be received at least ten days prior to the event. Supporting documentation, including insurance certificates, can be uploaded directly in the application. 

      *If city approval is required, please upload a signed written statement from the City Administrator or a City/Township Council Member. This statement shall specify explicit approval for the event and include all event details listed in this application.

    3. Acnowledgment*