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  • According to state law, if you are listed on the accident report (owner/driver), you may obtain a copy of the accident report.
  • Reports with charges pending will need to be obtained through the prosecuting attorney.
  • Reports with on-going investigations will not be released without prior approval from Investigations.
  • Juvenile information is restricted and will only be released to a parent or guardian.
  • Cash, checks, and major credit cards accepted.

Requesting a report

Fill out a Request for Government Data 

Once complete, email the form to: 

You may also choose to print the form and mail/deliver to:

Washington County Sheriff's Office
Attn: Records Division
15015 62nd Street North
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082-3801 

Other reports

Predatory Offender information can be obtained through Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.
A copy of your driving record can be obtained through the 
Minnesota Department of Driver and Vehicle Services.