Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Providers

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Washington County Licensing expects providers to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all children and families in the community. It is the expectation and dedication of the Washington County Child Care Program to continually work toward increasing our cultural competence. All licensed child care providers are encouraged to take training that will increase their cultural competence as it relates to the children cared for. This training will be counted towards the 16 hours of in-service training required by the state of Minnesota.

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  • Black Aging Matters: How to Better Address Racism-Related Stress in African American Older Adults: This webinar provides in-depth current research, clinical applications, and first-hand testimonial on the impact of race-related stress on African-American older adults. Featured presenters are Keith Whitfield, PhD, Provost, Wayne State University; Frances Shani Parker, and Jameca Woody Falconer, PhD.
  • Discrimination in America: Experiences and Views of African-Americans: This report presents African-Americans' personal experiences of racism and discrimination, as well as their perceptions of discrimination in their local area and in the nation.
  • Diverse Elders Coalition (DEC): The DEC advocates for policies and programs that improve aging in our communities as racially and ethnically diverse people; American Indians and Alaska Natives; and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender people.
  • National Resource Center on LGBT Aging: The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging is the country's first and only technical assistance resource center aimed at improving the quality of services and supports offered to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender older adults.