COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Changing Vaccine Priorities

Washington County is aware of media reports indicating that the federal government and the State of Minnesota have changed the guidance regarding vaccine distribution to include people 65 and older and those 18-64 with underlying conditions that make them more susceptible to complications from COVID-19. The county is closely following Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) vaccine priorities.

Who is Washington County Vaccinating?

Washington County is collaborating to vaccinate Phase 1a priority groups. The goal for the first doses of vaccine is to protect those who are exposed to COVID-19 every day because of what they do, who they care for, or where they live. There are more people in the Phase 1a priority groups than the amount of vaccine that has been delivered to date.

How long will it take to vaccinate everyone in Washington County who is eligible?

The vaccine distribution speed is based on the amount of vaccine received from the state and the federal government. No vaccine is left unused or wasted. When the federal vaccine supply to Minnesota increases, Washington County is ready for it.

How are vaccines distributed?

When vaccine is delivered to Washington County, county staff is reaching out to eligible groups and employers to set up appointments for vaccination. Washington County Public Health and Environment is also working with a contracted provider to vaccinate people who live or work in long-term care facilities.

How will I hear if I am eligible?

The county will continue to update its website and social media feed regarding availability of vaccines for additional Washington County residents.

MDH, Washington County, and all local vaccinators will continue to work over the coming days and weeks to make sure everyone who is eligible for a vaccine knows how, where, and when they can get their shots.

Minnesotans can check the state's vaccination website for the latest information.

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