Pandemic response

Washington County received $31.7 million from the federal Coronovirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security, or CARES, Act.

The U.S. Treasury set the guidelines for the expenditure of funds, giving the County Board discretion as to how the money would be spent to aid residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Those guidelines included encouragement that at least 10% would be used for emergency financial assistant to individuals or businesses.
The County Board received a report on the current spending at its Dec. 1, 2020, meeting.

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​Assisting residents, businesses in the community

See the presentation above on the ways in which Washington County has served residents and businesses with CARES funding.

​CARES funding, state grants assist businesses, nonprofits

Read about how CARES Act funding and grants from the state assisted local businesses respond to the pandemic.

South Washington Telecommunications Commission (SWTC) produced a video on how one dance studio was assisted by CARES funding.

​Assisting residents who need food support

The Washington County Food Security Unit provides relief for people experiencing food insecurity during the pandemic. In partnership with local food shelves and community transportation providers, the county manages free emergency food pack and meal delivery services. The county also worked with local food shelves and volunteers to host 15 large-scale drive-through food distribution events. See the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission video on how more than 28,000 individuals in more than 9,300 households have been served through these services.
For assistance, email or call the Washington County Food Support hotline at 651-430-6688.
See the South Washington Telecommunications Commission video on how transportations services partnered with Washington County and food shelves to deliver meels to residents who needed food assistance during the pandemic.

​Library adapts to service during pandemic

The Washington County Library adapted many services to continue to serve residents during the pandemic. See the South Washington County Telecommunications Commission video on the library's work.