Nature's Art Gallery

See Art in Nature Framed Nature Scene

Nature’s Art Gallery - FREE 
June 6 - June 14

Park visitors are invited to see nature from an artist’s perspective with Nature’s Art Gallery. Hike a trail and enjoy spectacular views and natural elements like you would art in a gallery. Natural elements will be "framed" to highlight form, composition, function, and color. The ever-changing, natural surroundings will offer a different view every hour of the day. In these busy times, participants will gain a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature that is often overlooked. 

Share your photos on social media with the hashtag #WashCoNaturesArtGallery. 

Location:Date:Time:Additional Information:
St. Croix Bluffs Regional Park Reserve - Alternate TrailJune 6 - June 14All DayThe alternate trail is unmaintained and portions of the trail may not be easily accessible due to mud or fallen trees/branches. Park near the boat launch.