58th Street Extension Project

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CSAH 15 - Washington County Opens in new windowCounty Highway 15 (Manning Avenue/Stillwater Blvd.) is an important roadway that runs north-south through nearly all of Washington County. It serves as a primary connection to the regional transportation system (e.g., U.S. 61, Interstate 94, Highway 36). It facilitates access to businesses, schools, churches, and residential properties/neighborhoods. With the newly constructed Highway 36 and Manning Avenue interchange and a pending development in the SE quadrant of Highway 36 and Manning Avenue, Washington County sees an opportunity to complete the long sought connection of County Highway 15 north of Highway 36 with County Highway 15 south of Trunk Highway 36 via an independent alignment while bringing non-motorized connections, and access to developable land to the area.


  • From the proposed interchange at County Highway 15 (Manning Avenue) and to County Highway 15 (Stillwater Boulevard)

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