Juvenile Detention

About the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Temporary Juvenile Holding Facility

  • The Sheriff’s Office Jail Division operates an 8-day, 5-bed temporary juvenile holding facility licensed by the MN Department of Corrections
  • Juveniles that have been charged with a delinquent offense (a criminal charge for an adult) may be held here for up to 8 business days (not including day of arrest, weekends or holidays) pending court disposition
  • The temporary juvenile holding facility cannot and will not hold juvenile status offenders (i.e. runaways or liquor offenses) unless prior court action has been taken

Secure Detention Criteria / Guidelines

MN statutes provide broad legal criteria for the use of both non-secure and secure detention.
In addition to the legal requirement of a current or prior delinquent offense, at least one of four subjective non-offense criteria listed below must also be met prior to a child being legally eligible to be detained in secure detention.

The child is a danger to self or others:

  • This criteria most clearly comes into play if the offense and/or offenses involve actual, potential, or threatened physical harm to other people.
  • Current or prior incidents of suicide attempts or threats, life threatening drug or alcohol overdose, or running behavior that places a child in situations of danger or abuse often fall into this category

Prior history of not returning for court hearings:

  • The child has a prior history of failure to appear for court, previous patterns of running away from situations, or threats to runaway will usually be considered under this category. 
  • The child is a runaway or is not willing to remain in the care or control of lawful custodian.
  • Prior or threatened runaway behavior is a prime factor in using this criteria. Also, a recent pattern of defiant, out of control behavior including, but not limited to frequent prior delinquent offenses will be considered under this criteria.

The child’s health or welfare would be immediately endangered:

  • Although this criteria is primarily used relative to non-secure shelter for CHIPS youth, it can be applied to delinquent youth.
    This will usually occur when the risk of the child’s running away or out of control behavior would place them in situations that would endanger their health or welfare, and this usually duplicates criteria 1, 2, or 3.
  • It is also conceivable that the anticipated anger and conflict between a child and parent in response to an offense might meet this criteria, as could the anticipated response of a victim or victim’s family and friends constitute such a danger.

Please note: All juvenile information is private and may not be given out over the phone or to anyone other than verified parent / legal guardian, legal counsel, or probation / social service personnel.