Inmate Information

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  2. Inmate mail 
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  4. Medication/Health Care
  5. Money/Canteen
  6. Property
  7. Reporting Sexual Misconduct

If you plan to visit with a minor child, we recommend that you visit the inmate once on your own, before bringing the child. This will provide you with an opportunity to understand the process and the facilities' rules so that you can help support your child when he or she visits. See web page on visiting with children.

If you want to be sure visitation has not been canceled for the day, please call 651-430-7900 and talk to the operator. We cannot tell you if your name is on the inmate's visiting list. We can only tell you if the inmate has a visitor list. The operator can tell you if an inmate is allowed a visit. Disciplinary lockdown or facility lockdown would be examples where an inmate could not visit. 

Visiting Rules

Items not allowed in the jail