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Washington County is a great place to live, work, play. It is also a great place to volunteer. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is fortunate to attract many highly skilled individuals who dedicate their time, talents and energy towards making a difference in their community.

Volunteers such as Mounted Patrol and Reserve Deputies may assist the Sheriff’s Office during searches for missing persons, help hunt for evidence over rough terrain, aid in crowd and traffic control during special events or assist in securing scenes during major incidents.

The Water Recovery Unit; a group of highly- regarded and uniquely- trained volunteers who are valued for their rapid response and deployment during water recovery efforts when tragedy strikes on our water ways.

The men and women of our Chaplain Corps are there for members of our community during times of natural disaster, accidents, and unexpected death. They provide comfort and spiritual strength when and where it is needed.

The Washington County Jail has a dedicated group of core volunteers who conduct Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous programs, domestic abuse counseling, as well as religious education and engagement.

The use of volunteers reduces the operating cost of the Sheriff’s Office, allows deputies to remain accessible to the community and greatly contributes to providing the high quality of public service the citizens of Washington County expect and deserve.

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