Background Studies - Child Care

State law requires background studies for certain people who provide direct contact services or have access to vulnerable adults and children. The background study determines whether a person has a disqualifying characteristic which prevents the person from working with children or living in the home of a provider. The background study process is changing to meet the federal requirements of the 2014 Child Care and Development Block Grant.

What the changes mean for child care providers:

  • DHS will cover the one-time cost of enhanced child care background studies. On September 15, 2021 all child care background study fees will be set to $0.
  • Fingerprinting and photographs will again be required for most child care background studies.
  • Study subjects will be required to disclose criminal history information and complete an informed consent form.

Background study requirements for child care providers:

  • Study subjects cannot provide direct contact services to people served by the program until a notice is received of a completed background study which indicates the individual is eligible to work; or a notice is received indicating that more time is needed, but the person can work with supervision.
  • In the event of a disqualification of a current staff member, regulated providers will be required to remove the individual (regardless of their role) from employment.
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The Department of Human Services will cover the costs of background studies through December 31, 2023. The cost in 2024 and beyond will be:

  • Adults: $40.00 for the study and $9.10 for the fingerprinting fee.
  • Minors: The cost of the name and date of birth study will be $20.00

For most people, the new enhanced background study will be good for five years before they have to be repeated and the DHS one-time funding will not cover the cost of the next study.