Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP)

The Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP) is a state-wide program that offers voluntary, early intervention services that focuses on a family’s strengths and needs and aims to help children and parents thrive. Short-term help may be available to families with concerns regarding basic needs, family health, parenting, transportation, childcare, and financial concerns.

The overarching goals of the Parent Support Outreach Program are to enhance the well-being of children and families, ensure and maintain safety for children, and support families so they can meet the needs of their children by themselves and through support systems. Often, referrals are made to community supports such as food shelves, free or low-cost clothing programs, free health clinics, mental health services, parenting classes and support, and child development screening services.

Participation in the Parent Support Outreach Program is voluntary. To be eligible, families must: 

  • Have at least one child, age 10 or younger, or be pregnant.
  • Be exposed to two or more child maltreatment risk factors, including but not limited to:
    • Poverty
    • Domestic violence
    • Alcohol and drug problems
    • Mental health concerns
    • History of child protection involvement
    • Homelessness
  • Not currently be involved with child protection services.