Homeless Services

Washington County Community Services recognizes that homelessness exists in Washington County and that those experiencing homelessness deserve access to services to assist them in becoming stably housed, as well as assist them with accessing other resources to meet their basic needs. The Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST) provides these services to residents of Washington County. HOST consists of four social workers, a supervisor, and one support staff person. Together, they manage a housing resource line (651-430-6488 ) where calls may be placed 24/7 and will be returned within one business day.

  1. I need shelter

There are two shelter options in Washington County:

Families seeking shelter:

Singles or families that have completed an intake with St. Andrew’s and are waiting for space:

  • Contact Washington County HOST. 
    • Households must be seen in-person to seek shelter. 
  1. I need access to Coordinated Entry
  1. I am facing eviction
  1. I need financial assistance to get into housing