Housing Resources

  1. I am in need of affordable housing
  2. I need help finding housing
  3. I have concerns regarding fair housing

Affordable housing is defined as housing that costs the household no more than 30 percent of its gross monthly income, meaning what is affordable to one may not be affordable to another. Below are list of a few different housing options to consider.

  1. Market Rate Housing - The cost of market rate housing is determined entirely by the state of the rental market in the community. It can change based on the supply and demand of the housing market.  Housinglink
  2. Tax Credit Housing - Often referred to as Section 42, tax credit housing may be more affordable than market rate housing. See more information about tax credit housing.
  3. Subsidized Housing - Housing that has a cost based upon a household’s income. The household will pay 30 percent of its gross income as rent ensuring that the housing is affordable. The remaining portion of rent is paid (subsidized) by the government. Subsidized housing often has waiting lists so be sure to contact the property owner or manager directly to inquire. See a listing of subsidized housing in the metro area.
  4. The Washington County Community Development Agency (CDA) has information on other options, such as workforce housing ad senior housing. See information from the Washington County CDA.
  5. Housing Benefits 101-HB101 is a free statewide resource network that helps solve problems and navigate the system of available housing benefits and resources.