Household Recycling

Thanks to your efforts, recycling is not only saving energy and natural resources, it is also providing raw materials needed by Minnesota businesses. More than 260 Minnesota companies use our recycled materials to manufacture their products, employing over 18,000 people and adding nearly $8.5 billion annually to the state’s economy.  

Businesses are relying on us to recycle right and avoid “wish-cycling”. Only include materials your hauler will accept in your cart.

Curbside recycling is offered in all cities and townships in Washington County. Many communities accept additional materials for recycling than listed below. Contact your city, township, or waste hauler for more information. 

For America Recycles Day, Washington County Commissioner Fran Miron and other Minnesota recycling leaders wrote an opinion piece for the Star Tribune offering some great tips on how to support recycling in our community. Read the article to learn how you can help Minnesota recycle better. 
 Yes and No list for recycling right at home


Yes – Empty and rinse all containers

Place items in a paper bag or directly in your recycling cart. No plastic bags.

Glass bottles & jars
Metal food & beverage cans
Plastic bottles & containers (1, 2, 5) 
Paper & cardboard 

No – Keep these items out of your curbside recycling


Do not bag recyclables 

No plastic bags or wrap
No tanglers (hoses, wires, string lights)
No shredded paper
• No used PPE including disposable gowns, gloves, masks, goggles, and more

Some of these items can still be recycled, but only at participating drop-off locations. Search the disposal directory or call us at 651-430-6655 for more information.

Recycle more

Not everything can be conveniently recycled at home. Consider these options to recycle more.  

  • Disposal Directory: Find options for materials you can’t recycle at home
  • Environmental Center: Year-round drop-off facility for hazardous materials, electronics, recyclables, and organics 
  • Event Recycling: Borrow a recycling container for small, single-day events

Still have questions?

Call the Department of Public Health and Environment at 651-430-6655.