Planning Advisory Commission


The Washington County Planning Advisory Commission has been established by the Washington County Board pursuant to Minnesota Statute 394.30. The responsibility of the Planning Advisory Commission is further defined in the Washington County Development Code, Chapter One, Section 8.

The Planning Advisory Commission is an advisory body to the Washington County Board. They make decisions and/or recommendations to the County Board. Decisions of the Planning Advisory Commission may be appealed to the County Board. The duties and responsibilities of the Planning Advisory Commission, as established by County Ordinance, are:

  • to study, report and make recommendations on amendments to the Development Code and the Comprehensive Plan prior to adoption of any amendments by the County Board.
  • to order the issuance of and amendments to Planned Unit Development Permits and Conditional Use Permits for one (1) or more categories of conditional uses authorized by the Washington County Development Code.
  • to conduct hearings and make recommendations to the County Board on alleged violation of condition(s) contained in Conditional Use Permits.
  • to issue Conditional Use Permits and impose conditions on nonconforming uses and to conduct public hearings thereon.


The Planning Advisory Commission is composed of seven (7) voting citizen members and one (1) non-voting County Commissioner member. At least one (1) member from each Commissioner District serves on the Commission and at least two (2) voting members come from the unincorporated areas of the county. The County Board formally appoints all members.


The Planning Advisory Commission usually meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 5 p.m., as needed. Efforts are made to adjourn the meeting by 8 p.m. Please refer to the calendar for a schedule of all meeting dates.

Meeting Results