Completing the Licensing Process

We understand that the licensing process may be confusing or overwhelming at times. This page provides an overview of the major components of the foster care licensing process. If you have any additional questions, please contact your licensor.

Verifying identity

You will receive data collection forms with your paperwork. These completed forms will be used to initiate the background study process. All household members 13 or older must complete a background study. After your identity is verified, your licensor will initiate the background study and provide a fingerprint authorization form if applicable.

Have your fingerprints taken

All household members 18 or older are required to have fingerprints taken. After your licensor has provided you with a fingerprint authorization form, you may take it to a fingerprinting location of your choice.

  • You are required to pay a $9.50 fee online using your debit/credit card or in-person by check or money order. Appointments are not required.

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