County Highway 6 (Stillwater Boulevard)

Project Overview

CSAH 6Washington County, in coordination with the City of Oakdale, is planning to complete a Road Improvement and Watermain Replacement Project on Stillwater Boulevard (County Highway 6) from Century Avenue (State Highway 120) to Granada Avenue. This project is scheduled to occur over the summer of 2018.

Since 1992, there has been 26 watermain breaks along Stillwater Boulevard. These watermain breaks cause disruption of water service to residents and are expensive to repair due to impacts to the road or sidewalk the watermain is under. To help reduce the potential of future watermain breaks along this short segment of road (less than 1 mile), the City of Oakdale is planning to replace the 50 year old watermain with a new watermain.

To replace the old watermain with a new watermain, parts of Stillwater Boulevard will be dug up. This disruption of Stillwater Boulevard provides Washington County with an opportunity to complete some work along Stillwater Boulevard. In addition to the City of Oakdale’s watermain replacement, Washington County will resurface Stillwater Boulevard from Century Avenue to Granada Avenue, replace all the curb & gutter, and replace the sidewalk.