Point Douglas Regional Trail

Point Douglas Regional Trail ready for residents to walk, bike

Washington County’s Point Douglas Regional Trail is ready for residents who wish to walk or bike along the Mississippi River at the southern tip of the county.

A 2.5-mile segment of the trail was recently completed. The trail starts at Point Douglas Park, and extends under Highway 10 on its way to Prescott, Wis., and then runs back west along the backwaters and main channel of the Mississippi River, providing vistas of the river and the railroad track that runs along the river. Most of the trail is along bluff land, and has a tree canopy for most of its length.

The trail dead ends at Highway 61. Washington County is beginning work this fall on a pedestrian bridge that will connect the trail to the highway bridge that continues into Hastings. It is expected to be completed by next summer, and will connect the Point Douglas Regional Trail to Dakota County trails.