Upcoming or Pending Foreclosure Sales

The Washington County Sheriff's Office does not keep track of pending or upcoming foreclosure sales.  

Foreclosure sale information is entered each day if they occur. If you are interested in information regarding a specific property that has had a foreclosure sale, please have the mortgagor's name and the property address and we will look up the information regarding the sale. We can also look up the sale by sale date. You can contact with Civil Unit at 651-430-7675.

All mortgage foreclosure sales are listed by the attorney for the mortgage company in local qualified newspapers; see Minnesota Statute 331A.02. The most frequently used newspapers are: Forest Lake Times; Oakdale/Lake Elmo Review; Stillwater Gazette; and Woodbury Bulletin.

The Sheriff's Office conducts the mortgage foreclosure sales as a statutory requirement. These are not auctions. The mortgage foreclosure sale starts the owner's redemption time. The owner of the property still has many rights in place. Redemption periods can be 6 months or even one year.

We encourage you to seek legal counsel before attempting to bid at a foreclosure sale. You must have funds in the full amount owed at the time of the sale in the form of a bank cashier's check or cash.