General Information Regarding OFP & OHH

In order to start the process to obtain an Order for Protection or Order for Harassment, you must first fill out a petition with Court Administration. This petition is submitted to a judge for review. It is a good idea to have all support documents included with this petition. Keep in mind that the petition and all supporting documentation will be served on the respondent. After review of your petition, the judge will grant an appropriate order that they deem necessary. Please keep in mind that the judge may not grant you all or any of the items that you are requesting. Be sure to obtain a copy of your signed order from Court

Once your order is signed, Court Administration will fax a copy of this order to the Sheriff's Department for service. We Must have an address in order to serve your order. If the address provided is outside of Washington County, the order will then be faxed to that appropriate Sheriff's Department for service. Please keep a copy of your order with you at all times.

You may contact the Sheriff's Civil Division to inquire into service of your order at 651-430-7675.