Free Monday Night XC Ski Lessons

(Provided by Ride and Glide Ski Club, Joes and FinnSisu and The Birke Foundation)

Instructor in Residence Program Starts first Monday we have skiable snow. Watch main website we maybe up and running soon

​1. You MUST pre-register by Sunday evening (No guarantees if received later than that) Lessons are FREE
​ 2. All lessons begin at 6:30 (These are group lessons) You may be able to catch us out on the trail (Blinking lights)
​ 3. To be fair we will limit people to one free lesson on Monday nights.
​ 4. Please send e-mail to with the following information ◦Classic or skate? Do you have your own equipment?

​We have several sets of good loaner skate equipment. They can be rented for $10 for the session

​The same set is available for purchase at FinnSisu at an attractive price after you do the demo.

​If you need classic equipment it can be rented for $10 at Joes Ski Shop.

​ Print voucher page here and bring it to Joes ($5 off)

​We do have a few pairs of classic that can be used if conditions are good ◦What ability level? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

​Click here for description ◦Video taping is an option. Ask for details ◦How many if you are more than one? ◦How old are you? (Must be 14 or older)

​ 5. We may turn you away if we have too many so sign-up early. The earlier the better.

​ 6. You will get an e-mail confirmation. The lesson is not scheduled unless you get the confirmation. Watch for it or call 651-439-6961

​ 7. Meet in the Nordic Center by 6:30. Skiing will be on the lighted trails