Stillwater Rd/75th St Safety and Management

Washington County, in cooperation with Grant, Mahtomedi, and Willernie, are studying corridor improvements on Stillwater Road/75th Street (County Highway 12).  The project corridor extends from Wildwood Road/Mahtomedi Avenue in the downtown area of Mahtomedi and Willernie, to Jamaca Avenue North (County Highway 9) in Grant.  

Stillwater Road/75th Street, which serves 9,900 vehicles per day, is an important east-west corridor for local and regional trips. The corridor provides access and connectivity within local communities. Adjacent land uses include Mahtomedi High School and Middle School, Wildwood Elementary School, the Mahtomedi Fire Station, Wildwood Library, commercial and residential properties, and institutional land uses.

CSAH 12 Stillwater Road

Study Considerations

  • ADA and pedestrian routes
  • School traffic (vehicular and non-motorized)
  • Safety and Access
  • Parking
  • Public and private utilities
  • Growth and traffic demands
In 2017, two construction projects will take place near this project area:
  • Reconstruction of Stillwater Road/75th Street from Hwy 244 to Wildwood Road/Mahtomedi Avenue including roadway resurfacing and pedestrian improvements (Project Website)
  • Installation of a traffic signal on Stillwater Road/75th Street at the Mahtomedi Middle School entrance to improve intersection operations during school arrival and dismissal times. The existing Mahtomedi High School entrance will be closed by this project (Project Website)
The study began in December 2016 and is expected to be completed by early 2018. Construction of the first recommendation made in the study is expected to occur in 2019, with the second project to be completed in 2021. During each step of the project, Washington County, along with local community representatives, will actively seek public input.