Normalcy & Reasonable & Prudent Parenting Standard Training

This two-hour training is REQUIRED under federal law for ALL child foster care parents.  This includes both relative and non-relative foster care providers who are in the process of becoming licensed, as well as those who are currently licensed.  This training is also required for at least one designated staff at all corporate or residential child foster care facilities.

This Prudent Parent training requirement needs to be fulfilled by all new providers before a child foster care license can be issued.

For all currently licensed child foster care providers, this training was required to be taken by September 28, 2016.  If you have not done the training, please speak with your licensing social worker to get it done.

Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act amended Title IV-E requiring states to support normalcy for all children in foster care.  Children and youth in foster care need to experience the same types of developmentally appropriate and social activities that their friends, families, and classmates who are not in care experience.  This new law permits foster parents, designated corporate foster care and residential staff to allow foster children to participate in normal childhood activities by applying the reasonable and prudent parent standard.

This training will address the following:

  • why supporting age-appropriate activities is important;
  • what this means for foster families, corporate foster care, and residential facilities;
  • what is the reasonable and prudent parent standard;
  • what are the social and extracurricular childhood activities that can be approved by caregivers; and
  • how the federal and state law addresses caregiver's liability concerns.

Providers need to watch the video below, read the fact sheet, take the test, then email or mail the completed test back to their licensor:

Fact Sheet