Earth Day

What is the Earth Day Community Cleanup?

Any local community group; schools, churches, sporting groups, book clubs or even just a group of friends or co-workers get out in their community and pick up trash. Litter has the potential to contaminate our land, air, and water. Cleaning it up helps keep our environment healthy and our communities clean.
  • The Washington County Department of Public Health and Environment is asking you to do your part this Earth Day by cleaning up litter in your community. No cleanup is too small!

How Do I Participate?

Get your group together and spend 20 minutes cleaning up litter outside your home, school, or business during the week of Earth Day; April 17th – 23rd 2016. Clean by yourself or get a group together! Dispose of the litter with your residential or business trash or recycling.
  • Remember, you can bring recyclables to the Washington County Environmental Center.
  • Bring your collected recyclables to the Environmental Center during open hours for a special thank you gift!
  • Let us know what you did!

Share Your Participation!

Send your name or group name, number of participants and name of the community in which you cleaned to: . Include a picture to be featured on our Facebook page and website. You can also call the department at 651-430-6655.

What Do I Do if I Find Potentially Hazardous Waste?

If you find potentially hazardous wastes such as oil, paint, or aerosols you can also take these to the Environmental Center. If you find litter that you feel unsafe handling, please contact the Minnesota Duty Officer at 651-649-5451.

Washington County Schools

Please feel free to contact us for supplies such as trash bags and gloves. ; 651-430-6655.

Already Doing a Cleanup? Tell Us About It!

With a little effort from everyone we can keep Washington County a great place to live, work, and play…today and tomorrow! Thank you!