State Benefits

veterans for video.jpgMinnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) is dedicated to serving Veterans and their families by assisting them in securing benefits.

Dental Assistance is provided to Veterans and their dependents for routine dental, extraction, and denture procedures. This benefit is income and asset based, and upon MDVA approval of eligibility you and your dependents may receive up to $1,000 for annual routine dental care paid to your choice of providers. If your dental provider determines that dentures are necessary, MDVA will issue an additional denture authorization for up to $3,000 of once-per-lifetime benefits, and if needed, an additional once-per-lifetime extraction authorization for up to $2,000 specifically for tooth extractions in preparation for the dentures.

Optical Assistance is provided on an annual basis to Veterans and their dependents. This benefit is income and asset-based, and upon approval of eligibility you and your dependents may receive up to $400 paid to your choice of providers for annual eye exams and prescription eyewear, to include contact lenses.

Special Needs Grant provides a once-per-lifetime financial grant to help Veterans and dependents stabilize their lives in a time of hardship. Requests are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis and applicants must demonstrate future sustainability beyond the requested amount of assistance. Approved amounts of assistance are paid directly to the vendors chosen by the Veteran as part of their application.

Short Term Financial Assistance (Subsistence) provides temporary assistance with shelter payments (rent/mortgage), current utility bills and health insurance premiums to eligible Veterans and their dependents. This benefit is income and asset based, and is designed to assist Veterans for up to six months for those who are unable to work his/her normal occupation due to a temporary disability, or who are permanently disabled and are waiting to receive a permanent disability benefit from VA Compensation, VA Pension, Social Security or other long term benefit.

Disaster Relief Assistance provides up to a $1,000 reimbursement to Veterans and dependents that live in an area affected by a natural disaster, such as tornado and flooding, when declared a state of emergency by the Governor of Minnesota. Veterans and dependents must provide receipts verifying proof of the pre-approved expenditures listed per type of disaster.

Veteran Educational Assistance is provided to Veterans in the form of a one-time $750 grant for tuition to Veterans who have exhausted, through use, all of their GI Bill benefits to assist with completing a bachelor’s degree. This grant is paid directly to the institution, or may be reimbursed to Veterans upon verification that tuition has been paid.

Surviving Spouse & Dependent Education Benefit is provided to spouses and dependents, including adopted and step-children, whose Veteran spouse and/or Veteran parent died while on active duty, or as a result of a service-connected condition. The Veteran must have been a resident of Minnesota when entering the U.S. military, or have been a resident of Minnesota for at least six months prior to passing away due to a service connected disability as determined by the USDVA. Applicants must be Minnesota residents and the spouse cannot be remarried. There is no age limitation for eligible survivors.

Bronze Star Markers mark the grave site of any Veteran buried in the state, where permitted. For more information and/or to obtain a bronze star marker for an eligible MN Veteran, please contact the Washington County Veteran Service Office.

Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) Veterans Homes

mission is to serve Minnesota Veterans and their families through quality health care in an environment and community of trust, dignity and sharing. Minnesota's five state Veterans Homes are located in Fergus Falls, Hastings, Luverne, Minneapolis and Silver Bay.

Minnesota Department of Economic Development states that former military members, no matter the era of service, receive priority services in all WorkForce Centers across the state. WFC staff provide the fastest, most effective service possible – in person or online.

Market Value Exclusion on Homestead Property Taxes provides a market value exclusion for property tax purposes for the homestead property of an honorably discharged Veteran who has a service-connected disability rating of 70 percent or higher, surviving spouses of qualifying Veterans and service members, and primary family caregivers of qualifying Veterans.

Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota helps Minnesotans by providing a wide range of human support services related to the basic necessities of life, food, shelter, physical health, safety, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MACV) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been assisting Veterans for over 25 years. Their goal is to provide assistance throughout Minnesota to positively motivated Veterans and their families who are homeless or experiencing other life crises. MACV accomplishes its mission by providing services directly or in collaboration with other service agencies.

Minnesota Family Assistance Centers are geographically dispersed throughout the state to offer resources, referrals and support to all Service members and military family members. FACs are connected to communities and the military units in the surrounding area. They understand that asking for support is difficult for military families and they also know that challenges occur that require outside support. No matter what the challenge or question, the FC supports military families.

Veteran Linkage Line

support is available seven days a week for Minnesota Veterans and their families. LinkVet is staffed by a team of support specialists trained through the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA). Contact them at (1-888-LinkVet).

Senior LinkAge Line

can make your life easier by connecting you to services. Senior LinkAge Line is a free information and assistance service that makes it easy for seniors and their families to find community services. With just one call you can find services near you or get help reviewing your situation to determine what service might be helpful. Contact them at (1-800-333-2433).