Swing-Away Type Mailbox

Swing Away Mailbox Opens in new windowEvery winter, Washington County Public Works get a number of calls from residents whose mailboxes have been damaged by the heavy snow and ice that is forced out by the blade of passing snowplows. Although we are sorry for the inconvenience this damage causes, clearing the entire roadway is essential for public safety. This often means two lanes worth of heavy snow will hit mailboxes as the plow trucks go by.

There is no escape from the hardships of a Minnesota winter - including the toll it takes on mailboxes and posts. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in our efforts to keep our County Roads clear. Washington County does not replace mailboxes or posts damaged by the force of moving snow.

When a mailbox owner decides to replace their mailbox and post, Washington County recommends a Swing Away type, (standard plate specs shown in link below) which is designed to minimize the risk of damage from plowed snow. The resident’s driveway must be connected to a County Road, if so, contact Washington County Public Works for ordering and payment options. It can be purchased from Washington County and installed for $75.00. A form and payment is required for this work.