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Washington County offers a municipal recycling grant program to assist cities and townships with residential recycling program expenses. Grant funding levels are dependent on municipality household counts and recycling program activities. Funding levels are outlines in the guidelines below. Cities and townships are encouraged to apply for the maximum level of funding.

2022 Municipal Recycling Grant Guidelines

Educational Resources 

Washington County has developed a series of social media graphics, images, and handouts that can be used by cities and townships. 

To save a photo from our photo gallery, right click on the photo and select "Save picture as".
  1. Recycle Better Campaign
  2. Battery Campaign
  3. Food Scraps Drop-off
  4. Images
  5. Displays

Social media graphics can be used to promote residential recycling best practices. These core messages are based on the Recycling at Home postcard and the standard list of residential curbside recyclables.

Download the corresponding social media message to use with each graphic. 

Additional Resources