County Road 5 - Stillwater

LilyLakeLookingSouth.JPGLooking Southbound on County Road 5. Washington County, in coordination with the City of Stillwater, is conducting a design study to develop a plan for pedestrian and traffic improvements on County Road 5 in the City of Stillwater. The design study will include the entire corridor from Croixwood Boulevard to Highway 96 (Dellwood Road), except for the segment from Olive Street to Linden Street, and will develop a plan for future improvements to the corridor. The intersection of County Road 5 and Myrtle Street (County Road 12) is not included in this design effort.

Study Goals

  • Develop and evaluate concept designs for pedestrian and bicycle connections between County Road 5, adjacent neighborhoods, and the new Browns Creek Trail
  • Improve pedestrian crossing operations and safety across County Road 5 at McKusick Road (County Road 64), where a heavily used trail intersects County Road 5, and at Elm Street near Stonebridge Elementary School
  • Provide a separated pedestrian facility (sidewalk or multi-use trail) on one or both sides within the County Road 5 corridor between Dundee Place and Deer Path 
  • Improve pedestrian crossing operations and safety across and along County Road 5 in the vicinity of Pine Street, near Lily Lake Elementary School
This study is currently on hold while the City of Stillwater develops the Stillwater Trails Master Plan. For more information on the status and recommendations of the County Road 5 Study, visit the Public Involvement Page.