Community Outreach

  1. Community Outreach
  2. Auto Theft Prevention
  3. Burglary Prevention
  4. Senior Safety Tips
  5. Sex Trafficking

County Attorney Kevin Magnuson is committed to building stronger and safer communities by providing crime prevention and safety information to our citizens. The Washington County Attorney's office offers presentations for youth, adults, businesses, community and church groups addressing issues such as preventing identity theft, fraud, elder abuse, internet predators and scammers, drugs, firearm safety, domestic violence and other issues that affect our communities. Our office also works in partnership with schools, offering educational programs which address the social, legal and safety issues facing schools, students and families.
The County Attorney's office collaborates with businesses and various community groups in order to identify and develop programs that are focused on preventing crime that affect all of our citizens.
Our office also reaches out with information to prevent our citizens from being crime victims or in those unfortunate cases where citizens have become victimized, we discuss how to access restitution and other victim services that are available. The County Attorney also places a special emphasis on keeping our schools free of violence and drugs, while promoting a safe and healthy school climate that addresses bullying, truancy and other issues that affect our kids and families.
All of our presentations are free and are available for your neighborhood, community, church, business or other groups. Please contact Cathy Rochel at or 651-430-6115 or schedule a presentation with Kevin Magnuson or one of his prosecutors.