Adult Foster Care Training Requirements

  1. The licensor holder must ensure that each mandated reporter receives and orientation within 72 hours of first providing direct contact services and then annually thereafter. The orientation and annual review shall inform the mandated reporters of the reporting requirements and definitions in section 626.557 and 626.5572, the requirements of 245A.65, the license holder’s program abuse prevention plan, and all internal policies and procedures related to the prevention and reporting of maltreatment of individuals receiving services. (MN Stat. 245A.65)
  2. The license holder must train caregivers, subcontractors, volunteers about the program’s drug and alcohol policy. (MN Stat. 245A.04)
  3. The license holder shall develop program policies and procedures necessary to maintain compliance with licensing requirements under Minnesota Statutes and Minnesota Rules. The license holder shall provide training to program staff related to their duties in implementing the program’s policies and procedures and document the provision of this training. (MN Stat. 245A.04)
  4. License holders may also offer training under other areas such as Alzheimer’s, mental illness, and medication administration, etc. which do not fall under the requirement noted in #4 above. Rule 203 also has a list of suggested training topics. (Rule 203 - MN Rule Part 9555.6185)
  5. Caregivers with 0 to 5 years of experience are required to complete 12 hours of training a year. (Rule 203 - MN Rule Part 9555.6185)
  6. Caregivers with 6+ years of experience are required to complete 6 hours of training a year. (Rule 203 - MN Rule Part 9555.6185)
  7. Caregivers who work less than 30 cumulative days in a 12 month period or work 8 hours or less a week are exempt from completing the total number of hours but must complete training as noted in #2. (Rule 203 - MN Rule Part 9555.6185)
*The requirements listed above apply to all individuals (license holder, caregivers, or volunteers) providing direct care to residents of the adult foster care home.