2020 Construction Projects

Project Location City/Township Planned Project
County Highway 5 Stillwater Pedestrian & Safety Improvement Project from Pine Tree Trail to Sycamore Street (Phase 2) 
County Highway 12 (Stillwater Rd/75th Street) Grant; Mahtomedi 75th Street Safety & Management
County Highway 14/24 (Olinda Blvd/Osgood Ave) Baytown Township Area Improvements
County Highway 18 (Bailey Road) Newport; Woodbury Bailey Road Management & Safety (County Highway 38 to County Highway 19)
County Highway 19 (Woodbury Drive) Woodbury Woodbury Drive Capacity (I-94 to Tamarack Road)
County Highway 21 (Stagecoach Trail) Afton Bridge Replacement West of Putnam Road
County Highway 35 (Hadley Avenue) Oakdale Hadley Avenue & TH 36 Interchange