Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values


A great place to live, work and and tomorrow.


Providing quality services through responsible leadership, innovation, and the cooperation of dedicated people.


  • To promote the health, safety, and quality of life of citizens
  • To provide accessible, high-quality services in a timely and respectful manner
  • To address today’s needs while proactively planning for the future
  • To maintain public trust through responsible use of public resources, accountability, and openness of government


  • Ethical: to ensure public trust through fairness, consistency, and transparency.
  • Stewardship: to demonstrate tangible, cost-effective results and protect public resources.
  • Quality: to ensure that services delivered to the public are up to the organization’s highest standards.
  • Responsive: to deliver services that are accessible, timely, respectful and efficient.
  • Respectful: to believe in and support the dignity and value of all members of this community.
  • Leadership: to actively advocate for and guide the County toward a higher quality of life.