Resident Survey

2022 Resident Survey

Washington County values understanding the needs of its residents. Therefore, Washington County has conducted a regular, periodic surveys to gather residents’ opinions. This report features survey results dating back to 2001. 

In 2022, Washington County was collaborated with by Dakota County, Olmsted County, Scott County, and St. Louis County working together with National Research Center (NRC)/Polco  to develop a survey tool. This survey tool includes a set of shared questions, as well as questions unique to each county's circumstances.

The survey was conducted by mail in January and February. The survey was mailed to 3,000 households, or 500 in each of Washington County’s five commissioner districts.  Washington County received 22%, or 648, of the surveys with a relatively equal number from each commissioner district. The survey results were presented to the Washington County Board of Commissioners at the June 21, 2022 Board Meeting.

Resident Survey Results

Previous Resident Surveys

Comparisons of results from previous surveys are made throughout the report.