Financial Crimes

What Is Identity Theft?


Someone, without your permission, gains access to personal information such as name, address, credit card information or social security number.  They may then use that information to open bank accounts or charge cards under your name.  They may borrow money or manufacture checks in your name.  They can then order merchandise, phone cards, or any other items they desire.

How Does Someone Get Access To Your Information?


A person can get access to your information a number of different ways such as stealing wallets or purses, stealing your mail (credit card statement or pre-approved credit offers), pulling your credit report, taking information from the internet and by other means.

What Do You do If You Become A Victim Of Identity Theft?

Identity theft can often be an emotional experience that involves a great deal of time and energy.  As a victim of identity theft, our office would like to provide you with resources to assist you with recovering as well as limiting any further misuse of your identity.  For assistance to repair any problems, minimize your risks associated with identity theft and consumer protection, please seek information from the Quick Links tab located on this page or select from any of the websites listed below. 
Federal Trade Commission

Identity Theft Resource Center

Social Security Administration

Internet Fraud Complaint Center

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Credit Bureaus:

Equifax:            1-800-525-6285

Experian:          1-888-397-3742
TransUnion:     1-800-680-7289

If you have been contacted by our office that you are a victim in a case and would like to request restitution, please follow the instruction below to complete the Affidavit for Restitution:

  1. Complete the fillable fields in the Restitution Affidavit and print;
  2. Sign the affidavit before a notary public;
  3. Attach copies of supporting documentation; and
  4. Return the affidavit to the Court Administrator at the following address:

    Attention:     Criminal Division
    Washington County Court Administration
    P.O. Box 3802
    Stillwater, MN 55082