Torrens Review

The Washington County Title Examiner is an attorney appointed by the District Court Judges to administer all Torrens proceedings for the County.

As directed by the Title Examiner, the Survey Division will review the following for compliance and accuracy:

  • Applications for Registration of Title
  • Applications for Registration of Boundaries
  • Requests for Examiners Directives
  • Petitions for Proceedings Subsequent
  • Splits of existing Torrens parcels

About Torrens

The purpose of the Torrens system is to establish clear title to a parcel of land, free of any future adverse claims, or any encumbrances that are not noted on the Certificate of Title.

Bringing a parcel from abstract into the Torrens system involves a District Court hearing through which any person with an interest in the property has the opportunity to support or oppose the Registration. Applicants are required to submit a complete boundary survey, a proposed legal description, and an Application which describes the defects in the property and lists all interested parties and encumbrances on the property. The survey must be prepared by a Licensed Land Surveyor. The Application and related documents are typically prepared by a real estate attorney.

The Survey Division works closely with staff from Washington County Property Records to review the documents. They work directly with the applicant’s attorney and the applicant’s surveyor to ensure that everything is correct, complete, and can progress smoothly through District Court.

For more information on the Torrens Registration process, or any questions pertaining to Torrens property, please contact the Examiner of Titles at the information listed.