Access Permit

An Access Permit is required for:

  • Any new driveway or agricultural field entrance onto a Washington County Road.
  • Any proposed street or commercial access.
  • If a change in the use of a property that is adjacent to a County road occurs, the County has the right to review access to the County road and require a new permit.
Access Permit Fees
Residential Driveway or Field Entrance $150
Commercial Access $500
Street Access $500

In addition to the applicable fee, a refundable deposit is required, based on the scope of work.


  • A culvert pipe is generally required unless curb is present.
  • The permit holder is required to provide a pipe that meets County standards.

Plan Submission:

  • Access Permit Application 
  • When applying for an Access Permit, please include a drawing of the site.
  • For a simple driveway, a line drawing is sufficient.
  • For a commercial access, the County will need to review the plans for the development and may require a traffic study.
  • Generally, if access is available from a local street, the County will NOT permit direct access to the County road.
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