Thanks for Your Efforts!

Jim Trudeau became Washington County Sheriff in 1978. He won three re-elections and served as Washington County Sheriff until 1994. In addition to his professional dedication to Washington County, Jim (along with his wife, Carol, and their family), chose to participate in Washington County's Adopt-A-Highway Program.

The Trudeaus have been volunteering for the Washington County Adopt-A-Highway program since 2003. They maintain County Road 4A (170th Street North) in Hugo between Highway 61 and Elmcrest Avenue North (West County Line).

Jim passed away in 2013, but his wife and their extended family continue to take pride in maintaining this two-mile stretch of County Road. After their most recent family clean-up day, Carol Trudeau sent an email to the Public Works Department, presenting a real-life example of why the Adopt-A-Highway Program exists.

"As most of our grandkids are older now, they hopefully remember that if you throw something out of the car, someone has to pick it up. I was able to give that information to my great-niece and we had an animated discussion about it. It's so important to try and teach our young people that the earth is all of ours and we must take care of it. Thanks for the opportunity." (Carol Trudeau)

This statement truly embraces and represents Washington County's vision statement of "A great place to live, work, and and tomorrow."

The Trudeau's are a prime example of volunteers dedicated to maintaining clean and safe right-of-way. Thank you all for your commitment to Washington County!

(Photos of the 2015 Trudeau Adopt-A-Highway Crew)

Adopt-A-Highway Program

The Adopt-A-Highway program in Washington County began in 1991.

This program is an opportunity for residents of Washington County to help keep the county looking clean for all residents and visitors.

Volunteer groups are designated a specific area of roadway (usually approximately two miles) and are responsible for keeping this area of roadway clean. Groups are asked to clean the area at least two times a year, but are welcome to do it more often than that. The Federal Highway Administration has passed a law which states that anyone working within road right of way must wear "Class 2" fluorescent vests. The Public Works Department provides trash bags and safety vests for each group.

Combining spring and fall pickups for the year 2014, our maintenance workers from the North and South Shops collected 568 filled bags. Tires, a big TV, box spring and mattresses, and a sofa were included in these pick ups.

Currently, 255 miles are adopted by 120 volunteer groups. There ARE segments of road available to adopt. If you are interested or would like to know which segments are available, contact Carol Hanson at 651-430-4313

There will be a recognition sign installed on all segments of Adopt-A-Highway roads. This sign specifically thanks the group involved for helping to keep roads and ditches clean.

The Washington County Board of Commissioners and the Washington County Public Works Department gratefully thank the following groups who have participated in and are currently participating in this program:
For additional Adopt-A-Highway information and to arrange a time to pick up your bags/vests, contact Carol Hanson at 651-430-4313.