Library Board


The Library Board is authorized under 2005 Laws of Minnesota, Chapter 13, and Minnesota Statutes 134.07 and 134.15 to provide public library services to Washington County residents who live outside of Stillwater and Bayport, which operate city libraries. The Washington County Library Board is advisory to the Washington County Board of Commissioners, which is the governing board of the Library.


The Library Board consists of the following members, all of whom are residents of Washington County:

  • Seven members appointed by the County Board of Commissioners consisting of:
    • One citizen from each Commissioner District
    • Two citizens at large
A County Commissioner appointed to serve ex officio by the County Board of Commissioners


The seven members are appointed for three-year terms. Library Board bylaws limit the number of terms to two.

Meeting requirements

The regular meeting of the Washington County Library Board is held the fourth Monday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 6:30 p.m. at the Library Administrative Office in Woodbury, unless otherwise posted. The annual meeting shall be held at the time of the regular January meeting.


1. Reviews at least annually the following polices of the Library and recommends them to the County Board for final approval. Policies may include:
  • Building policies
  • Board Bylaws and county library goals and objectives
  • Public service policies
  • Materials selection policies
2. Develops strategic plans and related operational plans for approval of the County Board.

3. Accepts donations and gifts on behalf of the County Board.

4. Reviews various physical and building needs to see that they meet the requirements of the total library program and recommends facility plans and changes to the County Board.

5. Studies and supports legislation that would bring about the greatest good to the greatest number of libraries.

6. Cooperates with other public officials and boards and maintains vital public relations.

7. Reviews the challenges brought related to the collection and makes final determinations related to these challenges.

8. Performs other duties as assigned by the County Board.


Library Board members are reimbursed for mileage expenses and per diem at the rate currently in effect for county employees.

Operating procedures

This board operates in accordance with the operating procedures established by the county.