Groundwater Advisory Committee


The Groundwater Advisory Committee (GWAC)  was established by Washington County. It fulfills the legal requirements set forth in Minnesota Statute 103B.255. 


The GWAC is responsible:

  • To advise the county on the development, content, implementation, and periodic review and revision of the county's groundwater management and protection plan.
  • To take into account the relationship of the groundwater plan with watershed plans and any other local plans upon which the groundwater plan may have an impact.
  • To assist the Department of Public Health and Environment in the development of an annual groundwater work plan.


Members are appointed by the County Board. The GWAC consists of no less than 15 voting members. Membership on the committee include:

  • Four resident members with no capital interest in any project involving groundwater protection.
  • Four members representing interests that include construction, agriculture, hydrogeology, and well drilling.
  • Seven representatives of a local government unit (city or township) or a water management unit in Washington County. There must be a minimum of one representative from each Commissioner District in this category.


Must have an interest in groundwater issues.

Procedure and appointment

Residents must complete the required application for appointment to this committee. Submit any background information requested.

For all other categories of membership, interested  applicants will be solicited by the Department of Public Health and Environment. The department will make a recommendation for the appointment to the County Board. 

The County Board, at its discretion, may interview any applicant seeking appointment. Background screening may be conducted by Washington County to determine suitability for appointment to this committee due to the nature and content of the work involved.

Member terms

Members are appointed for three-year terms. 

Even though a member may be appointed (or reappointed) to a term on the Groundwater Advisory Committee, the County Board may, at its discretion, replace the member at any time when (in the opinion of the County Board or the County Commissioner appointing the member) it is in the best interests of the county to do so.

Meeting requirements

The Groundwater Advisory Committee meets quarterly or at the call of the chair.

Task forces and subcommittees

The Groundwater Advisory Committee may, from time to time, establish additional task forces or subcommittees to study a special issue or conduct special projects. The membership shall serve only for the time necessary to study and report on such issues or to complete the assigned project. Additional community representation may be sought for participation in the task force or subcommittee to provide additional expertise or resources needed for successful completion. These additional representatives are considered ad hoc and do not have voting privileges in the task force or subcommittee.


Members of the Groundwater Advisory Committee are eligible to receive meeting per diem and mileage reimbursement at the rate established by the County Board.

Operation procedures

This advisory committee operates in accordance with operating procedures established by the county.