Existing Transit Service

Meeting the transportation needs of Washington County residents requires a complete transportation system incorporating a variety of transportation modes. Affordable and convenient transit is an essential characteristic of urban and suburban communities. The growing demand and opportunity for convenient and reliable transit service is fueled not only by the aging of the county’s population, but also by its increasing growth and an increase in population density. Providing convenient, reliable, and robust transit service can play a vital role in supporting mobility, access, and economic development.

  1. Local & Express Transit
  2. Demand Responsive Transit
  3. Transit Facilities

The Metropolitan Council’s Metro Transit and Metropolitan Transportation Services (MTS) provide the fixed-route transit service in Washington County, including express, local, and reverse commute.

For information about transit services, including routes, fares, schedules, rider alerts, and system maps, visit the Metro Transit website or call 612-373-3333.