Digital Parcel Data Fees

Digital Parcel Data (minimum charge $100)
Product Type Fee
125 Parcels (Plus $0.80 per Additional Parcel) $100.00
1,000 Parcels (Plus $0.30 per Additional Parcel) $800.00
5,000 Parcels (Plus $0.20 per Additional Parcel) $2,000.00
10,000 Parcels (Plus $0.10 per Additional Parcel) $3,000.00
20,000 Parcels (Plus $0.08 per Additional Parcel) $4,000.00

Subsequent Updates (minimum charge $100)
Product Type Fee
Per Parcel $0.80

Cost is determined on a sliding fee schedule based on the number of parcels purchased.

For specific information regarding parcel data, please refer to our parcel metadata.

License Agreement

All digital data must be obtained through a license agreement and is subject to the terms and conditions of the license. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the license will result in a termination of the agreement and return of the data.

Government Pricing

Survey and Land Management products are available to federal, state and local units of government and their agencies, and other public agencies, at a 50% discount except products subject to a minimum charge, products that are discount exempt, and digital data subject to government sharing.

Government sharing of electronic geospatial data is subject to the terms and conditions of Section 16E.30, Subd. 11, Minnesota Statutes.

MetroGIS Regional Parcel Dataset
Digital parcel polygons for Washington County are available for free download at the Minnesota Geospatial Commons Website.